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10 years experience 


logo, brand identity 


art and technique of arranging type

Print & Packaging

poster, brochure,  booth design

Online-Offline Campaigns

banner, social media post, flyer


people and faces 


perfect angles and lights


pictures of products or services

Real Estate

interior design from Jessica Fredricks


art of the every day - people photography


dishes, soups, sweets

Camera Gear 

studio setups, behind the scenes 

Studio Photography

Visual Design 

It is easy to work with David because his nature is calm and communication is always positive. He created a nice working atmosphere and enriched us with his great ideas and visions. What I value most about him is his ability to work on big projects where „out of the box thinking“ comes to play, but also on everyday basis design works, where his response was always quick. I could count on David when working with him and his punctuality in delivering work is something I valued very highly. 

Roberta Valtenberg

Marketing Manager - ABC Grupi AS

Thoughtful, creative, and hard-working, David is an excellent designer who assisted me on several projects. More notably, he helped Medwing revamp its entire recruiting website. The launch was smooth and the website well received by our Recruiting team and others. David provided critical leverage to me, so that I could focus my energies effectively. Thank you, David, for your help. Your positive attitude and drive made working with you an absolute pleasure. I’d highly recommend him to future clients and companies.

Greg Hamill

Product Manager - Medwing

David is a brilliant designer with an extremely strategic mindset. He was mainly focused on renewing Orderbird design principles by creating a completely new experience. He built a new modern, outstanding and consistent corporate identity. David exceeded the expectations by implementing a new design language on websites, online and offline marketing materials, and packaging. Additionally, his high studio photos were very useful. 

Alexander Kammerath

Head of Marketing - Orderbird AG 


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