Visual Designer with 7 years experience in UI-UX, Print & Packaging, Branding, Online-Offline Campaigns, Photography 


Experience with well known brands


It is easy to work with David, because his nature is calm and communication is always positive. He created a nice working atmosphere and enriched us with his great ideas and visions. What I value most about him is his ability to work on big projects where „out of the box thinking“ comes to play, but also on everyday basis design works, where his response was always quick. I could count on David when working with him and his punctuality in delivering work is something I valued very highly. 

Roberta Valtenberg

Marketing Manager - ABC Grupi AS

Mr. Hajba has a good deal of expertise, which he always used purposefully to accomplish his tasks. He convinced us with his good work performance, he comprehended the tasks assigned to him in a short time and achieved the goals successfully. Mr. Hajba is hardworking and he impressed us with his constant commitment and perseverance. He was reliable and his style was always characterized by careful planning and systematics. He has done his job to our full satisfaction and met our expectations in every way.

Riccardo Pompa

Managing Director - Aptus GmbH

David is a brilliant designer with an extremely strategic mindset. He was mainly focused on renewing Orderbird design principles by creating a completely new experience. He built a new modern, outstanding and consistent corporate identity. David exceeded the expectations by implementing a new design language on websites, online and offline marketing materials and packaging. Additionally, his high studio photos were very useful. 

Alexander Kammerath

Head of Marketing - Orderbird AG 

An impossible object is a type of optical illusion. An object which can be depicted in a perspective drawing, but cannot exist as a solid object.
The fact, that we can clearly see the impossible, describes well my attitude for design:

Everything is Possible

I’m looking for new challenges if you have any project, where you need a designer or photographer